SCD: Reboot 2014

17th December was my last day of SCD, until 2nd February, over the last 35 days I’ve eaten anything and everything.

I hadn’t fallen off the wagon, or gone tobogganing down the slippery slope of carbohydrate happiness. The accepted reality of a month in America, would make eating really difficult and remove the fun of experiencing the diversity in fast-food the primary cuisine.


Returning from travels mid January, I didn’t want to go from the XXXL diet to SCD as this would surely feel like starvation. Picked February to restart, the 1st conveniently being a Saturday – cheat day!

December 74.5Kg
January 81.0Kg

Planned for ~4Kg, 6.5 was unexpected. Can’t blame it all on America, on return to England, I was suffering terribly from jet-lag. The sticky plaster for which, multiple cans of energy drink – some days a litre or more. Unabated through January, consumption sits around the 8L mark. Resultant spike and drain of blood sugar levels caused frequent snacking on carbs. To make matters worse lunch was unplanned, going from Chef Michael’s 30p Soup to ~£5 fish & chips, sandwiches, rolls, etc. hurting both my mid-line and bottom line.

Looking back through the posts, I’m the same weight as a year ago. Interestingly this is pretty much all spare tyre (above the waist), not effecting trouser size, it’s also the most unhealthy place to carry fat. Armed with a deliberate focused plan and the knowledge gained throughout 2013, I should get back to pre-Christmas weight much faster – maybe before spring ends.

Off to a good start, didn’t have much on cheat day, today IF (intermediate fasting) until dinner – Cup of Jo and couple glasses of water. The pain starts tomorrow at work, when my brain holds me to ransom for a can of Red Bull.

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