Holiday: America 2013/14

Three months planning, not nearly enough, for a multi-part holiday in America.  As I write this post, quite a few things outstanding: itinerary not fixed, haven’t done any packing and watching the weather.

This trip consists of three parts, due to the previous Trek America outing leaving the feeling I’d not made full use of the airfare.  Additionally the trek advertised as New York to Los Angeles, is actually New Jersey to Los Angeles, with no time spent in either location!

  1. New York City – 1 week
  2. Trek America Southerner Winter – 3 weeks
  3. Los Angeles – 3 days
A week in NYC really is the minimum to get a decent experience without being insanely rushed.  Trek America tour covers a few miles, so 21 days will still be fast paced. The trek starts on Christmas day heading to Washington D.C., whilst New Year is seen in at New Orleans.
Planned highlights NYC:
  • Stay mid-town Manhattan, 1 block from Times Square.
  • Explore Central Park
  • Visit Aircraft Carrier Intrepid inc. Space Shuttle Enterprise and Submarine Growler
  • Sopranos Tour – See the sights from the TV show
  • Top of the Rock
  • Ice Skating under the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center
  • Ice Skating on the Wollman rink
  • Lots of Eating!
  • Many other tours and activities for experiencing NYC
Planned highlights LA
  • Rent an american sports/muscle car – Chevrolet Camaro!
  • Visit Battleship IOWA
  • Vist the auto-mobile museum round the corner from the Hacienda (missed last visit)
Yet more items off the bucket list, the rusty bucket with a hole in, yet to be posted.
NY’s recent storms & snow not mirroring our too agreeable +7 Celsius seasonal average is cause for concern.  Looks like I’ll get to land to cold but clear skies, Wednesday is esp. important with a visit to Top of the Rock.
Having pulled an all-nighter and still not ready – next task: intersection list and map traces in my Moleskin City Guide.  Then… when everything is packed, time to thing about Christmas presents, exhausted!  Really should fit in one or two episodes of The Sopranos and just in case I get hi-jacked and need to rely on counter-terrorism skillz – at least one episode of 24!
The fun starts this Wednesday at 1am…

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