Need lullabies, play Lullabies to Paralyze

Trying to get back, no, trying to start blogging on a consistent basis. But everything has to have a beginning, and although I’m overflowing with ideas that need a place, the task is insurmountable. So I’ll get into the rhythm with something short.

I write this whilst coming down with Bonobo, seriously Spotify should have a night time lockout feature for my electronic, dub, bass playlists. 2AM and bouncing to beats feels great, but tomorrow… blurgh

Casually writing, without the need to focus on what I need for the future, what might sound interesting if anyone stumbles upon the post, is refreshing and easy! It also allows me to shift focus to the music, instead of catching bits between pauses. I love Black Sands but have only just identified the clarinet. This surprised me as I used to p̶l̶a̶y̶ torture myself and anyone in earshot! The clarinet isn’t as sexy as the sax, more a refined somber almost stuck-up tonality, to my ear it’s a lovely sound but feels like it trips over itself awkwardly the restricted throat resulting in an almost whiny voice.

Oh no, Teardrop – Massive Attack, oodles of bass coming through my cans and I’m itching to turn up and bask in the aural sunshine of the bass line…

Okay, this isn’t working, must stop and sort out a playlist for pre-bed; Otherwise the next track will be Insomnia – Faithless!

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