SCD Update – Month 2

Again, no significant exercise during the month, apart from 30 miles a week walking to work.

Wk 5-8 Weight Kg Notes
Before 81.0 36″ trouser waist, Medium shirts
After 78.7 Another notch up the belt, slide both hands down trousers

The improvement wasn’t as good as the first month.  Week 5 stagnated with no weight loss, resuming again slowly in week 6, with largest improvement in week 8. So only 2.3Kg lost, about 1/2 Kilo a week.

Considered giving SCD a break for a month but, passing points such as <80Kg meaning I’m no longer clinically over weight, a renewed vigour is felt.  This month will feature weight training, as done at home only have access to 90Kg stack on a ‘full body’ unit with bench.  Although outgrowing my current setup, I expect the diet will mean energy reserves are much lower and hence failure point a set or two sooner than usual.

SCD – Extra Benefit: Teeth

A month into SCD, I noticed my teeth were looking better. omg not eating between meals and consuming sugary drinks & sweets has other benefits 😉

Figured now was the best chance of a breakthrough from dingy yellow to something approaching white. So off to Amazon to buy the stuff you’d rather not put into a real shopping basket. After reading a load a reviews I settled on this:
Plus + White Ultra 5-Minute Whitening System

The results are impressive, the photo doesn’t look as good as real life though.
N.B. Eyes providing a white reference, not completely insane.