SCD Update – Month 11

Eight months have passed since my last SCD update. Initially the lack of updates was intentional, I was stuck at 75.5Kg around the summer time. Nothing I did seemed to put me back into weight loss mode, in fact I gained over a Kilo.

Getting back on track was going to be trickier this time, as I needed to ensure strength training goals weren’t completely destroyed. Previously I’ve commented how the diet impacted willpower in the gym, any worse and I’d be dusting the equipment!

Decided to leave breakfast and evening meals alone, as they’re too important in providing a basis for good sleep and an effective day at work. Leaving lunch and the cheat day open to optimization. Cheating the cheat day, restricting the quaffing, is a big mistake as it leads to mid-week cheating backed by the fallacious logic that you deserve the tiny treat because you did so well on cheat day. Analysed without the help of a rumbling tummy, multiple mid-week cheats halt weight loss whilst leaving you with the same desire to nibble.

Feeding the simple carb/sugar monster midweek makes him stronger and your willpower weaker. It’s a lot harder to diet messing about, hunger + guilt/disapointment = random munchies.

Workday Lunch

  • Sainsbury’s Tomato Cup-a-soup
  • 10 Sainsbury’s Sea Salt & Pepper Croutons
  • Sainsbury’s Tomato Puree (1/10th tube)
  • Sprinkle Dried Basil

As well as knocking weight loss into gear, it’s super cheap! Each meal costing 30p.

Looking at the previously posted menu, I see ‘afternoon snacks’, was accidentally dropped. Always been bit of a snob regarding chocolate, but money saving goals resulted in Sainsbury’s equivalent of Mars bars (N.B. don’t consider Mars to be good quality…) for the afternoon snack. The less confectionery you eat, the more you care about it being decent when you have some. For the cost, the supermarket version is unbeatable and pretty good, however the taste got worse as the cheaper ingredients became more noticeable (cheap chocolate relies very heavily on vegetable oil in place of cocoa solids). The more effort put into kicking the sugar habit the better the food you eat is as you desire better and can afford it.

April → Dec Weight Kg Notes
Before 77.4 34″ trouser waist
After 74.0 Shorten watch bracelet

The end result isn’t impressive, due to the increase and stagnation, but still a solid maintainable reduction averaging ~100g per week. On that basis I could reach 70Kg by the summer.

SCD – Update – Month 3

Another month of SCD passed too quickly. Weight loss not as good as I’d wanted, minor increase followed by stagnation for 2 weeks.

This was mainly due to not performing exercise as I’d planned (maintained walking 30 miles a week). Lack of energy is an excuse, but the effect on willpower is undeniable; Averaging only one session a week. My cause wasn’t helped by discovering how to procure Krispy Kreme donuts, opting to demolish a tray of 12 in two days…

Wk 9-12 Weight Kg Notes
Before 78.7 Another notch up the belt, slide both hands down trousers
After 77.4 34″ trouser waist

While the numeric loss is pretty poor at 1.3 Kg, moving from 36″ to 34″ is an important personal milestone.  I’d last been 34″ when I was eating fast food every day.  Being on your feet 7 to 12 hours means you can eat a horse, metaphorical not the Tesco kind, and not gain weight.  Had a nice reward, finding a new pair of 501’s bought just before starting out on the road to lardy-ville.

Having reached the 10% goal and being tantalizingly close to 10 Kg loss, I’m not going to stop yet.  To correct this months biggest issue, I’ll consider an EC stack, ECA minus the A as aspirin and empty stomach isn’t a smart idea.  Hopefully that will be enough to keep me exercising, but I’m pretty confident of surpassing last months losses, due to a new weapon in my SCD…

drum roll  Post cheat day fasting.  Reading around on a variety of SCD blogs and forums, I came across the idea of fasting – not something I jumped at!  The logic is, you’ve been stuffing your face on cheat day and it’s side effect that you don’t make any loss for a couple of days afterwards.  So why not give yourself a head start or reset into the next week.  Cravings for carbs should be low as you’ve had them within the same time-frame, but the effect on the body is greatly reduced.  Some suggest the body benefits in other ways, that a break from the digestion workload allows for a higher degree of internal cleansing (that’s clear pee, not getting kinky with water-jets and vacuums).

I really didn’t think I’d last beyond mid afternoon, but almost time for bed and the hunger pangs have only just started to become annoying.  Cooking dinner for others wasn’t a problem either!

Guess I should stop writing this and go to bed, or I’ll be online masticating to pictures of iced donuts.

SCD Update – Month 2

Again, no significant exercise during the month, apart from 30 miles a week walking to work.

Wk 5-8 Weight Kg Notes
Before 81.0 36″ trouser waist, Medium shirts
After 78.7 Another notch up the belt, slide both hands down trousers

The improvement wasn’t as good as the first month.  Week 5 stagnated with no weight loss, resuming again slowly in week 6, with largest improvement in week 8. So only 2.3Kg lost, about 1/2 Kilo a week.

Considered giving SCD a break for a month but, passing points such as <80Kg meaning I’m no longer clinically over weight, a renewed vigour is felt.  This month will feature weight training, as done at home only have access to 90Kg stack on a ‘full body’ unit with bench.  Although outgrowing my current setup, I expect the diet will mean energy reserves are much lower and hence failure point a set or two sooner than usual.

SCD – Extra Benefit: Teeth

A month into SCD, I noticed my teeth were looking better. omg not eating between meals and consuming sugary drinks & sweets has other benefits 😉

Figured now was the best chance of a breakthrough from dingy yellow to something approaching white. So off to Amazon to buy the stuff you’d rather not put into a real shopping basket. After reading a load a reviews I settled on this:
Plus + White Ultra 5-Minute Whitening System

The results are impressive, the photo doesn’t look as good as real life though.
N.B. Eyes providing a white reference, not completely insane.

SCD & Me

Sounding like a medical condition, SCD stands for Slow Carb Diet (not to be confused with specific carb diet for digestive problems), a variant of the low carb high protein diets made popular by the Atkins diet.  Differences being small quantities of carbs from low GI (Glycemic Index) sources are allowed, such as beans, vegetables and their fibre are encouraged, aiding satiety.  Although the body’s multi-fuel function of relying on fat is exploited more, it’s not turned to exclusively by inducing Ketosis.  Another difference is that SCD solves the problem of commitment by including ‘cheat days’ that are fixed each week.

I discovered SCD while reading The 4-Hour Chef, though The 4-Hour Body
has more information about the diet. My only real deviation is to have a little cheese occasionally, the rule is that all dairy is cheat day only.  The lactose (milk sugar) slows the weight loss.

Sunday to Friday

Meal Food Items
Breakfast 3 scrambled eggs, 80g spinach or spring greens, coffee.
Lunch 50g sauerkraut, 1 can tomato soup with 80g chicken breast slices
Dinner 80g spinach or spring greens, main meal item such as bol of spagbol or fish etc.

Cheat day is fantastic, like a mini Xmas (without the stilton), typical:

Meal Food Items
Breakfast Toast with butter and Marmite, 1 fried egg, OJ, coffee.
Lunch Bap with egg & bacon, lettuce and cheese, can of soda, treat: choux bun
Afternoon Snacks Treat: flapjack, cup tea, 100g chocolate bar.
Dinner Qtr Pounder, Fries, Onion Rings, milkshake, icecream with fruit
Late Night Snack Chocolate muffin

Not done any exercise over the month, to get a base level, apart from about 5.5 miles a day walking between home and work.

Wk 1-4 Weight Kg Notes
Before 86.5 38″ trouser waist, Large shirts
After 81.0 36″ trouser waist, Medium shirts

The first week was especially difficult, initial craving for carbs is very strong, now it’s a more gradual sensation of hunger. A side benefit is that the absence of insulin spikes due to heavy lunches and simple sugars, less sleepy mid after-noon and generally better vitality. Will review progress in another 4 weeks, unsure if I can expect similar weight loss figures to take myself from 6% to 10% reduction from starting point.